The Kansas City Fighting Game Community


The parking spaces directly behind the Alamo Drafthouse are reserved for theater customers. You may park here TEMPORARILY if you're bringing a lot of equipment, like a monitor for a setup. The loading ramp in front of this parking lot leads directly to the tournament area. Once you have finished unloading, however, you must park your vehicle in a nearby garage.

Use either the H&R Block Garage on 13th and Main, or the Power & Light Garage on the south side of 13th in between Grand Blvd and Walnut St. All floors in the H&R garage are deeper than Main Street level, but there's a patron elevator toward the south wall you can use to quickly get back up.

Parking at either of these garages is FREE! However you must get your parking validated at the Alamo box office, or you'll be charged when you leave. The first thing you should do when you walk inside Alamo is hand the parking pass you took to get into the garage to the box office to get it validated.

The Cosentino's/OneLife garage (also on 13th and Main) is available if you arrive before Noon, but the Alamo box office will not validate these tickets, so you should only park here if you know you'll be staying late enough that the ticket won't be required to get out.

For more information about parking in the area, visit Alamo Drafthouse's website.